Table Editor


The Table Editor add-on needs to be installed and activated to see the features mentioned in this this documentation.

How To Use the Ninja Forms Table Editor Add-on:

This extension gives you a new field to collect tabular data using an Excel like grid. Set the number of columns and the headings and other table behaviour. The data is then attached to the administrator email as a CSV and stored in your WordPress uploads folder. The table editor allows users to add, remove rows, drag and copy cells just like Excel.


Once you have installed and activated the plugin you’ll need to either create a new Ninja Form or edit an existing form under Forms -> {form name}.

Click the blue + in the bottom right hand corner of the form builder to add a new field, you will find the Table Editor field in the common section:


The table can be configured in a number of ways:

CSV Save Location – Where the table data submission will be saved in a CSV file, either the media library, ie. wp-content/uploads/yyyy/mm or inside wp-content/uploads/ninja-forms

Number of Columns – This controls how many columns the table has.

Column Headers – This controls the the column headers for the table:

  • Simple – Alphabetical column headers (like Excel).
  • Custom – You can add a header name for each column on a new line in the ‘Custom Header Names’ setting.
  • None – For no headings at all.

Table Width – Controls the table width:

  • Stretch – Stretches to fit the width of the parent div.
  • Scroll – Fixed width with scroll bar.
  • Non – No behavior.

Drag Cells – Allow users to drag cells to repeat values.

Minimum Rows – Specify the number of minimum spare rows for the table.

Row Numbers Turn on the display of row numbers.

Once you have configured the table editor in the form it will appear in your form ready for users to enter data.

Once forms have been submitted administrators can edit the data by editing the submission.


Table Editor works with the email actions so you can select CSVs to attach to emails:

It also works with the PDF Form Submission addon, allowing you to display a table in the PDF in two different formats. This is controlled through an advanced Table Editor field setting:

  1. Slim –  Adds a simple representation of the table, with column names and values stacked on top of each other.
  2. HTML – The table fully rendered.


Only the basic functionality works with mobile devices, which means you should be able to display, edit and scroll the grid.