Ninja Forms +
Salesforce CRM

Complete, effortless integration between Salesforce and WordPress

When the world’s most used CMS and the industry leading CRM come together, great things are bound to happen for your organization. WordPress and Salesforce is an integration that you need working for you!

One of the big advantages to using the Salesforce CRM is that you don’t need an IT expert to set it up or manage your sales pipeline. Shouldn’t your integration with WordPress be a similar experience?

With Ninja Forms’ Salesforce CRM addon, integration with WordPress is complete and virtually effortless.

No more struggling with unwieldy custom coded integrations. No more manual data entry. Toss out the plugins you’ve tried before that fall short of complete integration with your account.

Start experiencing Salesforce integration the way it was meant to be!

Total Integration, Zero Effort

Salesforce is incredibly customizable with innumerable Objects and Fields. Pull in only the Objects and Fields you need to use on your WordPress website. As your needs evolve, pulling in more is no more work than a few clicks of your mouse.

  • Enter your Salesforce API to establish communication with your account
  • A list of available Objects and Fields appear in Ninja Forms
  • Select only the Object(s) that you need
  • Your Object(s) and associated Fields are pulled in automagically for use in your WordPress forms

It’s that simple. The addon is built to allow you to customize its use around your account to best suit your needs. This is your extension!

Easily Map any of Your WordPress Forms Directly to Your SalesForce Account

Your Ninja Forms addon features an Add to Salesforce action that can be added to any WordPress form. With that action enabled in your form builder, mapping Ninja Forms fields to your account’s fields is incredibly easy. Just click and go!

  • Add the Add to Salesforce action to your form
  • Map the Ninja Forms field to your CRM account field
  • Designate any data handling instructions you might have for each field
  • Publish

There’s nothing more to it than that!

NOTE: To use the API, your organization must be on one of the following editions:

  • Enterprise Edition
  • Unlimited Edition
  • Developer Edition
  • Performance Edition



2018.04.26 Add contextual help to support form designers connect with Salesforce

Add Format for Salesforce Currency special instruction

Add filter to modify array delimiter for multiselect and equivalent data

Add Special Instructions to replace commas with semi-colon in strings

Change SSLVerify default to true, was false, and add filter and advanced command to override new default

Add listener for key change – auto update merge tags in field map form_field

Separate pre-3.0 files and classes to enable ongoing 3.0 development. Shared functionality with 2.9 hinders the ability to develop new features; separate the files so that 3.0 development can continue without breaking 2.9

Add check for comm_data[\’status\’] is set in Settings


2017.10.26 Remove integer 0 from boolean data handling array and specifically set true value


2017.10.20 Correct typo in special instructions Special instructions option to preserve ampersand and quote marks Scrub action settings to remove field option dropdown values during save


2017.09.23 Add boolean for data handling


2017.05.19 Add Campaign Linking Remove HTML tags that appear in text areas Remove builder template action hooks Use htmlentities for settings display – avoid html output from response


2017.04.14 Add status message for Salesforce 403 Forbidden error This is for Salesforce accounts which do not have API access enabled


2017.03.20 Change slug and name constants for auto update


Add handling for extracting file from file upload in NF3

Add file upload special instructions

Move duplicate check array to shared functions for NF3 use

Correct Field Map Upgrade lookup

Upgrade to NF3


Add date formatting function so that form designer can use local date format on form and date will converted to Salesforce-required date format prior to submisssion


Fix is_array code in validate_raw_form_value method in build request


Enable Sandbox mode by way of a filter Correct duplicate filter name for child object array modifications Add support for file uploads into Salesforce Add json request to communication details when Salesforce rejects the request


2015.05.12 Add status update when duplicate check is not requested; before, if no duplicate check is performed, status does not update. This change will enhance support


2015.03.23 Add feature – check for duplicate values and create task to validate duplication


2015.01.22 Check for available fields before refreshing object; Before would throw a warning if settings were unable to retrieve an object. After checks for null and sets a descriptive error


2015.01.19 Add automatic connection of Note to Lead, Contact, Account