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Save Progress

Give users the option to save mid-form and return anytime to finish with Save Progress for Ninja Forms!


Sometimes forms can grow quite large, and it would be very helpful for users to be able to save their progress and come back at a later time. This extension does just that for you. Using the built-in WordPress user system, visitors can register as a subscriber and save what they have entered. They can then return later to complete the form. The administrator can view and edit partially filled out forms at anytime from the admin.

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  • Allow users to save their form progress even without being logged in
  • Email users when their form is saved.
  • Display a specific “Saved Form Message” when users save their progress.
  • Allow users to have multiple saves per form
  • Users can edit saved submissions from the front-end.
  • Display a table of saved submissions above the form.

save progress save feature


3.0.15 (4 June 2018)


  • Resolved an issue that sometimes caused the dashboard to not display any forms.
  • Styling of the save table options in the form builder should now match similar settings.

3.0.14 (8 May 2018)


  • Updating the required status of a field in the form builder should now be reflected in saves.
  • Updating the file type restrictions of file uploads fields in the form builder should now be reflected in saves.

3.0.13 (5 April 2018)


  • Save data should no longer be removed when a submission fails.

3.0.12 (26 March 2018)


  • Local browser storage should now save a drastically increased number of values.

3.0.11 (17 January 2018)


  • Table editor fields should now be saved properly.

3.0.10 (14 December 2017)


  • Fixed an issue that was causing CSS stylesheets to be loaded unnecessarily on all pages.
  • Save times should now display accurately in the save table instead of showing the time of last save for all records.

3.0.9 (13 October 2017)


  • Saves should be faster now.
  • File Upload fields should now save properly.

3.0.8 (26 September 2017)


  • Fixed a bug with missing a missing nonce causing saves to not load.

3.0.7 (20 September 2017)


  • Fixed a bug with an array item being accessed before being checked.
  • Fixed a compatibility bug with the Table Editor add-on which created circular JSON.
  • Fixed a compatibility bug with the File Uploads add-on which was saving upload nonce values.

3.0.6 (13 September 2017)


  • Added hooks after a save is updated or created.
  • Removed Layout & Styles data from the saved data.
  • Added filters for inserting, updating, and getting saves.
  • Added query support for strings when getting saves with a where specified.

3.0.5 (22 August 2017)


  • Fixed a bug that could cause an error when Ninja Forms was not active.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Save Button to show to non-authenticated users.

3.0.4 (02 August 2017)


  • Fixed a bug that could cause multiple saves when using Multi-Part Forms.
  • Improved processing time for saving forms.

3.0.3 (13 July 2017)


  • Fixed an issue with missing JS files in previous version.

3.0.2 (06 July 2017)


  • Fixed a bug that created multiple saves when a form contained multiple save buttons.
  • Licensing and updating should now work properly.

3.0.1 (23 May 2017)


  • Fixed a file name reference that could cause a fatal error on some server configurations.


  • Initial release